SalusCare, formerly Southwest Florida Addiction Services, has the distinction of having been a Zonta partner since 2003.  Formed through a 2013 merger with Lee Mental Health Services, SalusCare is a seamless, not-for-profit system of behavioral health care for more than 18,000 people annually.

Zonta’s partnership is with women in recovery from substance abuse, housed in the Transitional Living Center.  Often, these women have lost everything through their addiction, but during residential treatment they gain the will to forge new directions for themselves.  Zonta’s goal is to help ease the women’s transition into more satisfying and rewarding lives. 
Zonta grant funds have purchased furniture for the housing units and computer equipment and software to assist with GED preparation, resume writing and educational assignments.  Funds have also been used for tuition assistance, educational supplies, child care and transportation.

Zonta team members provide monthly programs and small-group sessions, in collaboration with the women and their counselors, on topics designed to enhance self-esteem, personal growth, health and fitness, work skills, and budgeting and leisure activities.  The women also learn the benefits of “giving back” by participating in events such as annual beach clean-ups on Sanibel and assisting at Zonta’s “A Peek at the Unique.

For more information, please visit the SalusCare website.


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