GRACE - Guatemalan Rural Adult and Children Education

Guatemalan Rural and Children’s Education (GRACE) is active locally and in Guatemala, improving the lives of Guatemalan women and their families through education that emphasizes prevention of human trafficking and reduction of violence.

Historically, through not understanding their legal rights, these women allowed their male partners to wield power over the families.  Zonta’s partnership with GRACE, which began in 2007, has helped fund a new initiative, “Laws for Peace,” providing posters and bookmarks distributed through schools and through already-established women’s health workshops, offering specific information on women’s legal rights. The initiative is showing results, empowering women to report domestic violence and rape, and encouraging young Guatemalan women to pursue careers that focus specifically on human rights.

A portion of Zonta’s financial support purchases supplies for the creation of “fertility bracelets,” a simple device that enables women to keep track of their menstrual cycles so that couples can approach family planning together.  Thousands of bracelets made by club members, often in collaboration with immigrant women, have been distributed.

For more information, please visit the GRACE website.