CHR - Community Housing & Resources

Community Housing & Resources (CHR) arose out of Sanibel’s commitment to ensuring economic diversity in the community.  Since 1983, in partnership with the City of Sanibel, CHR has provided affordable homes for people who live and/or work on the island, senior citizens, and the disabled.

Over 150 islanders live in CHR homes, more than half of them women, and the majority of these are heads of household. 

Zonta Foundation Grants: Since 2007, CHR has received grants that specifically help single women, underwriting tuition costs for those seeking to improve their education and thus their employment prospects, and funding most of the closing costs to enable women to purchase a limited-equity ownership home for themselves and their families.

Zonta Club Service: Zonta members also volunteer, when needed, to help refurbish rental units, update playground equipment, and write stories to create awareness of CHR’s value in providing a vibrant, diverse community.

For more information, please visit the CHR website.

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