Service Organization Collection Day - 2018 to be announced

This event is over but there will be a 3rd annual Collection day in April 2018 -




Zonta’s 2nd Annual Community Service Collection Day

Help Zontians Help Organizations that Empower Women –

Bring any of the following to the Sanibel Congregational United Church of Christ

Saturday, April 1, 2017 from 10 am - noon.

Questions- Email

So what is a collection day?

We asked each of the organizations for whom we do service projects, "what do you need that we can ask people to donate." We publish the list. Then one Saturday, in a parking lot, we have a vehicle for each oragnization. You drive in with the things from the list you are willing to donate, we collect the stuff, you get your tax letter and drive away.

What types of things.

Abuse Counseling &Treatment of Fort Myers (ACT): New twin-sized bedding: sheet sets, new pillows and pillowcases, blankets; twin zippered vinyl mattress covers; bath towels, hand towels and washcloths; full sized toiletries (especially for the African-American community), deodorant, soap, dental care items; disposable diapers; children's juices and snacks.

Dress for Success: Women’s career clothing of all kinds; women’s dress shoes and handbags.

Habitat for Humanity/Women Build:Household goods: dishes, glassware, baskets, knick-knacks; bookshelves; table/floor lamps; lampshades; small working appliances (toasters, blenders, etc.), clean throw and area rugs, and decorative framed mirrors and pictures. Complete list on the Restore website at

Head Start Parent University (ESL):Printed flash cards with the alphabet and simple words; alphabet related games/activities; simple quality books for early learners and picture books in good condition; magazines with large pictures.

Human Trafficking Awareness Partnerships (HTAP):

Art paint: large containers and tubes of acrylic paint; brushes; unopened packets of colored pencils; sketch pads; rolls of plastic floor and/or table covering; easels; new Sharpies, especially metallic colors; new, small plastic containers with lids.

O.I.L.E. - Working to Improve Through Self-Employment (W.I.S.E):Sewing supplies: needles & pins, thread, buttons and scissors; knitting needles; yarn and fabric; yardsticks; irons and sewing machines.

PACE: Dresses for Love That Dress! fundraiser; household items such as linens and kitchen goods.

SalusCare – Transitional Living Center:

Women's casual clothing and maternity clothes; baby items; children’s toys; toasters; coffee pots; and clothes hangers.

Rethreaded:  T-shirts: new or used, 90-100% cotton (no side seams, 13" from bottom hem with no graphics).